Kashthamandap reconstruction is 85 per cent complete

National News Agency Nepal
January 7th, 2021

Eighty-five per cent of the reconstruction of Kasthamandap has been completed so far. The remaining 15 per cent reconstruction works would be over by May this year. Preparations are on at present to construct the roof of the historical monument after construction of other structures.

Kasthamandap Reconstruction Committee chairman Rajesh Shakya said they are preparing to bring the timber for the construction of the roof of this ancient temple from Rautahat district in the Tarai following shortage of timber here. He said works are being done with the target of completing the reconstruction by May this year. According to Shakya, they are bringing 2,000 cubic feet timber from Rautahat within the next one month. Although 8,000 cubic feet timber is necessary for construction of the roof, the Committee is bringing only 2,000 cubic feet now.

Then king of Kathmandu, Laxmi Narsingh Malla, commissioned the construction of the Kashthamandap during the seventh century. The Kasthamandap is believed to have been constructed using the timber from a single tree. The name of the place Kathmandu has its origins in Kasthamandap.

Kashthamandap was completely destroyed by the Gorkha Earthquake in April, 2015. The deadline for reconstruction of this historic heritage is three years. The reconstruction cost is estimated at Rs 190 million. Of this cost, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has already provided Rs 55 million to the Reconstruction Committee. It is said altogether 17 thousand 56 cubic feet timber would be required for the reconstruction of the Kashthamandap.

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