FNJ President Acharya for protection of democracy, constitution

National News Agency Nepal
January 8th, 2021

Central President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Govinda Acharya has said as the constitution has guaranteed full press freedom in the preamble itself, the constitution must be protected. President Acharya said it during the 19th annual general meeting of the FNJ Kanchanpur chapter here Thursday. President Acharya reminded that FNJ was advocating for press freedom, journalists’ rights, rule of law and democracy.

“Irrespective of the changes in political events, there should not be any activities that enfeeble constitution and free press,” he stressed, adding that FNJ had also fought for democracy by taking to street. According to him, the FNJ was currently struggling for the rights of working journalists. He shared, “FNJ solved the problems of 550 working journalists.” The works were afoot to creating pressure on the concerned agencies for distribution of proportional advertisement.

All chapters of FNJ will have annual general meeting by mid January while the FNJ central will have its annual general meeting by the third week of February. On the occasion, former central President of FNJ Dharmendra Jha said time has come to whet vibrant debate on democracy and press freedom.

“If pluralism is attacked, journalism is risked,” he argued, adding that these pressing issues need serious debate and discussion. He stressed that journalists must not engage in politics, but be aware of it. Similarly, FNJ Vice President Bipul Pokharel said FNJ was continuously waging struggle to ensure rights to the working journalists. If any working journalist is not paid on time, FNJ obviously receives complaint against respective media house. Chief District Officer at Kanchanpur Raj Kumar Mahato said it is journalists’ role to continue reporting in a fair and neutral way. Journalists’ capacity to report the difficulties the common people are facing would help identity problems and seek solution.

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