Discussion on the bill related to the language of government work

Tukhabar Correspondent
October 2nd, 2023

Makawanpur : In the meeting of the Bagmati Province Assembly, a bill was discussed to regulate the language of government work. In the second meeting of the Provincial Assembly held this afternoon, a formal discussion was held on the said bill.

Pukar Maharjan, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Cooperatives, tabled a proposal in the parliament to discuss the bill.

During that time, the members of the provincial assembly, Rama Ale Magar, Surendraraj Gorsai, Srijana Saiju, Madhusudan Prasad Paudel, Basant Manandhar and others gave their views respectively.

During the discussion, the members of the provincial assembly said that the bill presented by the government was commendable and emphasized that Sunuwar, Jirel and Magar languages in other districts of the province should also be uplifted.

They said that the provincial government should speed up its long-term impact on protecting the Jatra festival according to the Newari tradition in the heritage list.

Similarly, while answering the question raised during that time, Cooperative Minister Maharjan said that as the basis of federalism, the state government is going to give priority to Newari and Tamang language in the first phase for long-term linguistic development and implement it.

He mentioned that the government’s policy is to gradually introduce bills for the linguistic development of the indigenous tribes and Dalits in different districts of the province, including their mother tongue.

The Speaker of the Provincial Assembly, Bhuvan Kumar Pathak, informed that the next meeting of the Provincial Assembly will be held tomorrow, October 15th at 2 pm.

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