No unnecessary spending now: CM Pande

Tukhabar Correspondent
November 9th, 2021

Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Rajendra Prasad Pande has vowed to curtail the unnecessary spending.

He said it while presenting himself to garner the vote of confidence in the meeting of Bagmati Province assembly on Monday.

Programmes to improve people’s economic status would be launched by curtailing administrative spending. In response to the queries the assembly members raised, CM Pande made it clear that ruling alliance was committed to the protection of constitution, federalism and democracy.

The government will allocate budget for infrastructure development in a transparent and fair manner. Good governance is another key agenda of the province government, he stressed.

On the occasion, parliamentary party leader of CPN (Maoist Centre) Shalik Ram Jammakattel and of Nepali Congress Indra Bahadur Baniya put forth their views.

They also stressed the protection of constitution and federalism. Later, CM Pande won the confidence motion.

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