Journalism should be responsible to the country and people: CM Paudel

Tukhabar Correspondent
December 12th, 2020

Makawanpur. Chief Minister of Bagmati State Dormani Paudel has said that the journalism sector should be responsible and accountable to the country, people and parliamentary democracy.

Addressing the 16th General Assembly of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Makawanpur, as the chief Guest, Chief Minister paudel urged the journalism sector to provide guidance to the government through authentic news.

Chief Minister paudel mentioned that the government has a policy of providing public welfare and proportional advertisement to the radios, newspaper, televisions and online and print media established in the state.

He said that the Bagmati State Registrar of Communications has been given the responsibility to play an effective role in expanding the development of journalism sector with new technology.

He expressed the commitment of the state government to contribute in the fund set up by the FNJ, Makawanpur to provide pension to senior journalists in the coming days through cooperation between the federal government, state government and local government.


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