Milk powder plant is to be established

Tukhabar Correspondent
November 1st, 2020

Makawanpur. The government of Bagmati state is going to establish milk powder plant( plant that produce powder milk) in Hetauda. The plant will be established in the permanent capital city of Bagmati state, Hetauda sub-metropolitan city ward no. 10 in Sisaungharee in the investment of the Bagmati Government.

In order to build the plant in 2 Bigha 2 Katha land, the agriculture, land management and co-operative ministry has issued notice for the investor to apply tender, informed Spokesperson Sharan Pandey.

According to him, in order to establish the plant Bagmati State’s ministry of agriculture has handover Rs. 45 Crores and 12 lakhs to the Milk development board of Bagmati state.

The mentioned powder has aimed to produce 5 metrics tone powder milk daily in the upcoming economic year 078/79, informed the board.

The spokesperson of the ministry of agriculture, Dr. Pandey also said that the milk produced by 5 thousands 6 hundreds and 53 farmers of state no. 2  in Bara, Rautahat , Parsa along with Bagmati state’s farmer of Chitwan is around 60 thousands and 5 hundreds liters per day and the milk will be used by the powder plant to produce powder milk.

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