Bagamati govt adding ministries to prevent  collapse

Tukhabar Correspondent
July 23rd, 2021

MAKAWANPUR : With the collapse of the CPN-UML-led federal government, moves are being made to change the Bagamati Provincial Government as well.

An alliance of Nepali Congress (NC), CPN (Maoist Center), the UML’s Khanal-Nepal faction has taken the initiative to displace the government led by Chief Minister Dormani Paudel in a similar fashion in the center.

CPN-UML has an absolute majority government in Bagmati. However, if the Khanal-Nepal faction of the party does not support it, the government falls short of majority.

Considering the possibility of collapse of the government in the midst of escalating intraparty rift within the UML, the Bagmati Province Government is preparing to appoint some dissident MPs as ministers by increasing the number of ministries for its ‘stability’.

According to Deepak Niraula, chief whip of the CPN-UML in the Bagamati Provincial Assembly, the government is ready to exercise all the powers  within its jurisdiction to keep the UML-led government intact.

According to him, they are making necessary preparations to add new ministries and review the ministerial portfolios along with Cabinet expansion.

Niraula shared that the Bagamati Government can form a maximum of 22 ministries. “Therefore, we are adding four more ministries to the existing seven.”


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