Bird Flue seen in Kathmandu, precaution to be taken

Tukhabar Correspondent
January 31st, 2021

Kathmandu: – Doctors have urged to be more vigilant and aware saying that bird flu has been seen in Kathmandu.

Bird Flue (H5N8) has been confirmed in ducks and Turkeys in Sanglekhola Futung of Tarkeshwor Municipality-7 in Kathmandu.

According to the Department of Veterinary Services, the bird flu has been confirmed when samples of turkeys and ducks reared by local farmers in Futung were tested using RTPCR method at the Central Veterinary Disease Investigation Laboratory.

Senior Chest Disease Specialist Dr. Niraj Bam said that bird flu is a type of virus that can be transmitted to birds and that people should be alert and vigilant.

He said, “Bird flu is more likely to be transmitted by eating infected fish and meat.” While eating meat, it should be cooked well. ‘

The Poultry Farmers, including butcher and buyers are more likely to be infected very soon, so it has been requested to be aware.

According to doctors, various studies have shown that the bird flu virus can die at 72 degrees Celsius even if meat is eaten. Cooked food should reach 100 degrees. The import of poultry products was banned in Nepal a few days ago after bird flu was seen in neighboring India. The Department of Veterinary Services has stated that it will be more tighten in Kathmandu now. This news is in today’s Rajdhani Daily.

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