91 Thousand Tourists came to Nepal in one month

Tukhabar Correspondent
October 2nd, 2023

Kathmandu. In one month (September-23), 91 thousand tourists have visited Nepal.

This number is considered to be encouraging in the post-monsoon season before the start of the tourist season in Nepal. According to Maniraj Lamichhane, Director of Nepal Tourism Board, 91 thousand 12 tourists have come to Nepal in the month of September.

This is around equal of 2019. In the month of September 19 that year, 92 thousand 604 tourists came to Nepal.
After 2020, the arrival of tourists became affected due to Covid-19. Only 584 tourists came to Nepal in 2020, 9,907 in 2021, and 58,314 in 2022.

Indian first, Chinese tourist second

It has been seen that Indian tourists have come to Nepal in the highest number during a month. According to the board, it is mentioned in the data that 28 thousand 694 Indians came to Nepal in September. 8 thousand 174 Chinese tourists have come. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 7,364 American tourists came. 3 thousand 716 tourists from Bangladesh, 3 thousand 640 from Britain, 3 thousand 11 from Sri Lanka, 2 thousand 852 from Germany, 2 thousand 18 from South Korea and 1 thousand 734 from Israel have come to Nepal.

Almost 7 million Tourists in Nepal in 9 months

According to the board, nearly 7 lakh tourists have come to Nepal during the 9 months of this year. Between January and September 2023, 692 thousand 372 tourists have come to Nepal.

The government has taken the target of bringing in 1 million tourists this year through the budget. To accomplish this, a greater number of tourists should enter during the ongoing tourist season. Comparing the number of tourists who arrived in 2019, 98.28 percent tourism arrivals were seen in 2023.


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