Ghalan of Makawanpur arrested in Kathmandu

Tukhabar Correspondent
January 16th, 2021

Makawanpur. A joint police team deployed from the Metropolitan Crime Branch and Metropolitan Police Circle, Thankot, has arrested a man of Makawanpur from Kathmandu Metropolitan City-15.

Police have arrested a man of Makwanpur on the charge of demanding Rs 90,000 from the victim’s side to settle the case which is still under investigation at the Metropolitan Police Circle, Thankot.

The arrested is Buddhi Bahadur Ghalan also known as alias Chandra Lama, 39, of Tistung Palung of Makawanpur, he was arrested by the police on Thursday morning. According to the Metropolitan Police Circle, Thankot, further investigation is underway into the incident.

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