Snowfall affects life, development activities

National News Agency Nepal
January 8th, 2021

The daily life of people and development works have been badly affected with snowfall causing severe cold in the district. The streams are frozen, and the people facing tough time with snowfall being occurred in the upper region of Manang since Monday. The people are immured inside home.

Problem of drinking water surfaced with frozen streams. A farmer Cholpa Gurung informed that although people make fire and warm themselves, the cattle are suffering biting cold.

He added that development works in the upper belt like Khansar and other areas were disrupted. The blend of water and cement does clot with dipping mercury, which has resulted in hindrance on the works relating to road, drinking water and irrigation. Infrastructure development chief in the district, Nabin Chandra Adhikari also admitted that the landslides in the rainy season and snowfall in winter have disrupted development works.

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