Only Road construction is not the infrastructure of development: CM Paudel

Tukhabar Correspondent
February 15th, 2021

Makawanpur: – Chief Minister of Bagmati Pradesh Dormani Paudel has said that the structure of development infrastructure is not just about paving roads in every village.

He made the remarks at a program organized by the Bagmati State Policy Planning Commission Hetauda on Sunday.

He said that the structure of development infrastructure is not only to pave the roads but also to improve the environment of the local village, protect the children, reduce the mortality rate of pregnant women and infants and expand drinking water, agricultural production and home industries to the people. He informed that the state government will allocate budget for that by including additional programs.

He also added that the National Planning Commission should focus on implementing only the plan that can be put to real use by the people by changing the old method of allocating the choice of the plan.

National Commission had fixed the ceiling budget of the schemes in different districts of the state but the plan could not be implemented immediately without the coordination and information of the local level.

Chief Minister Paudel urged the state government to select a plan to bring uniformity in the process of selecting the plan by studying the people-oriented service and geographical conditions and send it to the concerned villages for implementation.

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