Don’t dare to fight with CPN-UML: Mahesh Basnet

Tukhabar Correspondent
March 23rd, 2021

Makawanpur: – Mahesh Basnet, central member of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-UML) and in-charge of the National Youth Association of Nepal, has warned the Nepali Congress and other parties not to dare to compete with the CPN-UML.

Addressing a rally organized by the CPN-UML’s National Youth Association Nepal Makawanpur in Hetauda on Monday, he said that 90 percent of Nepal’s youth belong to the CPN-UML’s youth association and warned other parties including the Nepali Congress not to dare to fight with the UML.

Stating that the country has moved towards peace because of Prime Minister Oli, he claimed that the Prime Minister has led the country on the path of peace by including 45 armed groups in the country to mainstream of politics.

“It is natural that the opposition parties do not like the work of the prime minister,” he said. However, Prachanda, who is within the same party, launched a deadly attack on the UML, destroying the communist movement. ‘

He said that the people would defeat Prachanda who had emerged in the political life by killing the proletariat in the name of the so-called people’s movement. Similarly, the people have limited the Maoists to 26 seats in the parliament and Prachanda has turned the Maoists into ashes.

He targeted Madhav Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal, acknowledging past weaknesses and urging them to join the party’s campaign welcoming Prime Minister Oli’s move.

यसमा तपाइको मत

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