President Paudel and UML Chairman Oli hold meeting

Tukhabar Correspondent
August 16th, 2023

KATHMANDU : The Chairman of the opposition party CPN-UML, KP Oli, held a meeting with President Ramchandra Paudel at the President’s residence Shital Niwas Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Press adviser of the President Kiran Pokharel, informed that President Paudel and Chairman Oli discussed contemporary politics and impasse in Parliament in the meeting.

According to Pokharel, President Paudel drew attention to end the obstructions in parliament as the inactivity of the parliament would increase despondency of the people and would have a negative effect on the people towards the parliament itself.

President Paudel also suggested all the parties in the parliament, including the ruling party and the opposition, to move forward by creating an environment of trust.


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