Bagmati State Government hold 9 local level grants

tukhabar Correspondent
November 27th, 2020

Makawanpur. The Bagmati State government has withhold grants from nine local level for non-submission of expenditure.

The ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning has stated that the grant was stopped after the expenditure detail of grants amount provided in the last fiscal year 2076/77 were not submitted to the ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning.

“The grant has been stopped as per the directive of the ministry as the details of the previous year’s grant have not been sent till the first four months of the current fiscal year,” said Hari Upadhayay, Chief of the State Accounts Control Office, Hetauda.

According to him, the office has already informed the local level about this and grant will be sent after receiving the necessary expenditure details.

The name of the local level where the grant has been stopped has been kept secret by the Office. Out of 119 local levels of the state, 110 local levels have submitted the expenditure details of the grant amount.

The state government has allocated 29 Crore 70 Lakhs as special grants, Rs. 2 Arba 63 Crore 16 Lakh as Supplementary grants, 1 Arba 25 Crore for financial equalization and Rs. 3 Arba 6 Crore 45 Lakhs for Conditional grants in the fiscal year 2077/78. Of that, Rs 2 Crore 99 Lakhs allocated to the Metropolis, Rs. 2 Crore 80 Lakhs to the sub-metropolis, 1 Arba 3 Crore and 14 Lakhs to the Municipality and 1 Arba 54 Crore and 21 Lakhs to the Gaupalika.


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