Active Corona toll in Makawanpur crossed 5 hundred

Tukhabar Correspondent
May 1st, 2021

Makawanpur: – In Makawanpur, the number of active corona infections has reached 524. According to Dr. Sagar Kaphle ,Covid-19 Focal Person of Hetauda Hospital , corona infection has been confirmed in 177 people on Friday alone.

As of Thursday, 347 people were actively infected with corona. The number of active infections has exceeded 500 after the number confirmed on Friday increased dramatically. The younger generation has more infections than the children and the elderly, informed Kaphle.

A total of 602 are tested positive for Covid-19 in Makawanpur after the start of the second wave of corona. Of these, 78 have been recovered and 524 are currently actively infected.

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