Around 80 per cent population in Chitwan vaccinated against COVID-19

November 17th, 2021

Around 80 per cent population in Chitwan is vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the District Public Health Office Chief Deepak Prasad Tiwari, 311,889 people in the district have got the first shot of COVID-19 vaccines and the number of people receiving the full course (two doses) is 259,977.

Covishield, Vero Cell and AstraZeneca vaccines were given in the district during the mass vaccination drive against the pandemic. Now, the health officials say the demand for the vaccine is falling significantly in the district. The vaccine is available at the Health Office premises once a week.

The office had fixed Thursday as the day to provide COVID-19 vaccines. However, Family Welfare Division Chief Sagar Dahal stressed the need of launching the vaccination campaign for COVID-19 targeting rural areas.

As he said, marginalized and backward communities in the rural areas have not participated in the vaccination drive and insisted that local governments should come up with vaccination programmes targeting such section of the people.

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