New variant of Novel Coronavirus detected in South Korea

December 1st, 2021

The first suspected case of Omicron variant of the Novel Coronavirus has been detected in South Korea, health authorities said on Tuesday, as the nation tightened its entry restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading in the country.

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) said the new variant was detected in a couple who has recently arrived from Nigeria. It is said the couple had taken both doses of vaccines against COVID-19. They were on a visit of Nigeria from November 14 to 23.

The Omicron variant of the Novel Coronavirus was found from tests conducted on the couple upon its entry to South Korea. The South Korean government has said it was a matter of concern and worry, with the WHO indicating that the new variant could be equally risky even to people taking both doses of jabs against COVID-19.

With this, the government here has suspended travel including air travel to and from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, among other countries of Africa.

The travel ban will be in place for an indefinite period. The government has put in place strict measures to prevent the new variant from spreading to other parts of the country and has also intensified tests.

The detection of the Omicron variant in South Korea has also worried the Nepali migrant workers here. This has increased the chances of a halt once again in bringing Nepali workers to South Korea.

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