Dashain allowance of Bagmati State Assembly member handed over to Research Center 

tukhabar Correspondent
November 27th, 2020

Kathmandu. On behalf of the Nepali Congress, two members representing Bagmati State have handed over the Dashain allowance to the National Innovation Center.

Rajni Amatya and Vijaya KC, representing the Nepali Congress in Bagmati State, handed over the amount to Mahavir Pun on Thursday.

They handed over Rs. 52,200 per each total Rs. 104,400 to the Pun.

They said that it was not appropriate to take Dashain allowance at a time when country was being affected by the Corona epidemic and it was handed over to an Research Center working for the development of the Country.

Earlier, RadhaGhale, Chief whip of the Nepali Congress(NC) in Bagmati State, had already donated her Dashain allowance to the Research Center.

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