The American political race and its Concern for Nepali society

Abinesh Adhikari
October 31st, 2020

There are a couple of days for election in the United States. Tuesday, November 3 is the Election Day in the United States. Since the United States is a world superpower, its political issues will clearly spread the wave throughout the world; and a portion of the extents additionally can be found in Nepal and Nepalese society. There are numerous themes which are to be examined in this political decision, yet significant two issues which Nepal and Nepalese individuals have concern for are: The migration strategy of the United States and United States approach on China

The migration policy of the United States: 

In his first State of the Union location on January 30, 2018, Trump sketched out his organization’s four columns for migration change:

(1) A way to citizenship for Dreamers

(2) Expanded outskirt security financing

(3) Finishing the variety visa lottery

(4) Limitations on family-based migration.

The Four Pillars strengthen Trump’s mission motto to “Purchase American, Hire American.” This plainly shows his aggression on the migration strategy. Discussing the 2020 political race According to NPR white house journalist Ayesha Rascoe and political reporter Asma Khalid, Much of Biden’s movement plan bases on switching a noteworthy number of President Trump’s present strategies.

This remembers halting development for the fringe divider, completely disposing of the act of isolating migrant families at the U.S. outskirt and finishing current restrictions on individuals from certain Muslim-lion’s share nations venturing out to the United States. As for new approach usage, Biden says he will “modernize” the country’s migration foundation, vowing, on Day 1, to send enactment to Congress that would offer a pathway to citizenship for the assessed 11 million undocumented individuals in the nation. He’s additionally required a ban on extraditions during the initial 100 days of his administration. Trump’s second-term plan on movement expands on the establishment he set in his initial term, outstandingly proceeding with development of the fringe divider, confining migration and contradicting purported metropolitan safe-havens, where neighbourhood law authorization has restricted coordination with government movement officials. Recently, in light of the progressing Covid pandemic, Trump has fixed guidelines on lawful migration and global work travel to the U.S. by restricting the appropriation of visas, contending it will help support American business. The U.S. has additionally found a way to restrict individuals effectively acquiring haven.

American Policy on China: 

As Nepal is between India and China, Nepal must be cautious about what’s going in its neighbour. India has a cordial connection with America so it’ll not be an enormous issue from the Indian Side yet the cool connection between America and China can affect Nepal and Nepalese life. In the time of the Cold battle of condemning Soviet association America warmly greets China by conceding to one china strategy. Today China is rising quickly and doing financial completion with America by which America considers it to be a danger to its Democracy. Donald Trump from the conservative side have aggressive conduct towards China by following;

1 Increasing tariff on Chinese merchandise in his administration


2 Talking about the autonomy of Tibet and Taiwan

3. Military exercise on south china ocean

Trump has done significant talks with Xi Jinping and the head of North Korea Kim Jon un which shows trump needs to have quiet talks as opposed to genuine military confrontation. Looking from the Democrat side Joe bidden has blamed trump for doing harmony chats with Xi jingping and being delicate on Russia which shows his aggressiveness. In the very event, Trump wins, at that point, his administration can resolve the strain among China and America however in the event, Joe Biden wins, at that point, his aggressiveness can result in a genuine encounter between America and China. On the off chance that this aggressiveness exists from the American side, at that point Nepal can be a play area in this tussle. On the off chance that Nepal’s territory being utilized by either side of the forces, at that point it’ll be difficult for Nepal and Nepal life.

So, what Nepal and Nepalese must understand is Either Donald Trump wins or Joe Biden wins, if there is Cold relation between China and America then our major aim is to avoid the tension between the world powers and stick to our non-alignment policy. The small involvement in these global tensions can be painful for the country and people in it. If we discuss the migration policy Donald Trump seems harsh especially towards third world country whereas Joe Biden seems liberal in it.



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