Visa for the winner of DV 2024 from tomorrow

Tukhabar Correspondent
October 1st, 2023

Kathmandu. The winners of DV 2024 will start getting visas from October 1. In October and November, only the DV winners of 2024 with a case number of up to 1300 will be eligible to get a visa. In other words, if the limit of 1,300 has been set for October, it has not been changed for November.
According to the visa bulletin issued by the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Consular Affairs, like the first month of DV 2024, the second month also has a limit of 1300 case numbers for Nepali.
The number of DV winners of the financial year 2024 is 3863, which is more than the current financial year. For the financial year 2023, 3808 people won the DV lottery. Even in 2024, Nepal has become the third in Asia in having the most DV lotteries. In Asia, 5077 people from Iran and 4536 people from Afghanistan have done DV the most.

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