Journalist, Kandel’s novel ‘Moso’ made public

Tukhabar Correspondent
December 7th, 2020

Chitwan. Journalist Suryaprakash Kandel’s novel ‘Moso’ has been released. Journalist Kandel’s novel ‘Moso’ was released on Saturday at the meeting hall of the ‘Federation of Nepali Journalists’, Chitwan branch.

The novel ‘Moso’ has been brought to the market by Eureka Publications. “The novel is a different world in itself, with different characters, environments, events, anguish, anger, conflict, curiosity,”  He said. He believes that ‘Moso’ has a great message to the society since it contains all these things.

He said, novel ‘Moso’ has tried to find out the real Journalism and looking for the message as  it would be wrong to cover the whole Journalism with the word ‘Journalist’. He also added that the plot of the novel ‘Moso’ is connected with journalism.

Kandel, who started his Journalistic journey from ‘ Chitwan Sandesh Weekly’ in Ashoj  2055 BS, is involved in in-depth news and features writing. While in Chitwan, Kandel is also an advisor to the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Chitwan.

He is currently working as the Chitwan Correspondent of the ‘Nagarik Dainik’ and the news editor of Prior to this, he had worked as the Chitwan correspondent of ‘Annapurna Post Daily’ for 14 years. His novel ‘Moso’ is his first literary work.

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