UML’s closed-door session begins

November 27th, 2021

The closed-door session of the 10th National Congress of the CPN (UML) has now begun at Sauraha-based Hotel Seven Star.

Representatives including CPN (UML) Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has already entered into the hall where the closed session is taking place. Though the closed session was scheduled for 10:00 am, it is taking place from 3:00 pm.

CPN (UML) Chitwan Chairperson, Parbati Rawal, shared that the closed session got delayed after leaders were busy having internal discussion in forging consensus for leadership.

UML General-Secretary Ishwor Pokharel had welcomed the representatives in the closed session. Foreign delegates have started delivering their speech on the occasion.

A total of 2,275 representatives are participating in the closed session. The central committee meeting on Friday evening had decided to present a proposal of making 301-member central committee from existing 225 members in the closed session

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