1.3 mln Canadian children live in poverty

November 25th, 2021

More than 1.3 million Canadian children, or 17.7 percent, live in poverty, according to an annual report issued by Campaign 2000 on Wednesday.

That’s a pretty significant number of kids who are suffering from the harm and effects of missing meals, not having the right kinds of clothes and parents working really long hours.

Using the latest data available from 2019, the report paints a stark picture of income, health and social inequalities and deepening levels of child and family poverty. It shows data that suggest poverty reduction has declined and in some parts of Canada, poverty has increased.

In fact, children are living in deeper poverty. The report finds disproportionately higher rates of child poverty among communities marginalized by systemic barriers.

The highest child poverty rate in Canada is in Nunavut territory, at 34.4 percent. Manitoba province, with a rate of 28.4 percent, is the highest of any province.

The report urges the Canadian government to take bolder and more decisive action to protect children. The report is based on the most recently available tax data, which is from 2019.

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