Today is the second day of Chhath: KHARNA

tukhabar Correspondent
November 19th, 2020

Kathmandu: On the second day of the Chhath Festival, Bratauli ( a female who remain fasting during Chhath festival) has prepared the ‘Kharna’ method.

Bratauli, who started the festival on Wednesday on the Fourth day of Kartik Shuklawith the ‘Nahaye-Khaye’ method( taking bath), is preparing for the second day of the festival with the ‘Kharna’ method.

On the second day of this four-day festival, that is on the day of Kharna, the Phalar( taking fruit after fasting) is taken only after fasting all day and seeing the moon in the evening.

In a new earthen stove( SOIL STOVE) and earthen ware( DISHES MADE BY SOIL) rice pudding are cooked using sugar, milk and rice placed on a banana leaf, offered to the CHHATH MATA and eaten by Brataulu and other family members as offerings.

Bratalu, who has been fasting all day today, will perform this ritual today by observing the moon after sunset. On the first day of the Festival, Bratalu has completed the ritual of ‘Nahaye-Khay’, a holy bath and eating pure food.

On the third day of the festival, Bratalu will reach the reservoir and give the first argha( a praying to the sun) to the setting sun. It is called ‘ SajukaArgha’ in the Mithila region.




Similarly, on the fourth day, when Brataulu rises in the morning, it is customary to end the festival by giving a second argha to the sun. It is called ‘ BhorkaArgha’ in the Mithila.


There is tradition of inviting Prasad Thakuwa, Bhusuwa and other sweets made at Chhath festival to the house and feeding them to their relatives.

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