Dear government, burn your Agricultural Slogan

Balaram Pudasaini
November 7th, 2020

Makawanpur. The agricultural sector in which about 80% of the total population involves and is the basis of living for about one third population has not been addressed by the Government very well.

Due to which, the slogan of ” modernization and revolution in agriculture” has been only limited in party ballet papers and policy of Government.

We have been taught that if we work in the field then we become very conservative and small by thought, till now in the society, agriculture haven’t established as prestigious profession.

The government has also established same education and culture toward the agriculture.

Due to which the agriculture sector is declining yearly and youth are leaving country in search of employments.

The migration rate because of employment is also increasing day by day.

The local land in the village are being left bare without cultivating anything.

Many people have been compelled to do agriculture and animal rearing work even though they are no more interested in the work.

Many farmers have only their primitive weapons for the farming.

The farmers of villages are compelled to keep Ox for the farming in remote places.

The government has been structured in three levels.

All the three levels have been working in agricultural sectors and has not been able to reach to the real farmers.

Due to the lack of Irrigation facility for farmers, required investments, standard seeds and management of markets for productions, the farmers labors are being wasted.

Scarcity of fertilizers and seeds.

 The farmers are not able to get fertilizers and seeds at the required time.

Major of the farmers of Makawanpur districts are not able to get fertilizers for their farming at the time of requirement.

The farmers are compelled to join queue in the agriculture cooperative in the hope to get fertilizers without caring the fear of Corona infection.

Though they are not able to get fertilizers. They complain that they are still not able to get fertilizers for their seasonal agricultural farming and for their maize farming.

Another major problem of not getting quality seeds has been seen as major problems for the farmers.

Farmers are also not able to get insecticide and pesticide at the required time.

Limited peoples are accessed

 Very limited people have accessed to the required bodies that’s why the required farmers are not able to get benefits from the investment of government.

Also in agricultural loans, subsidies provided by the local bodies, plants of flowers and fruits, medical subsidies and subsidies programs, limited persons are connected.

Many formalities are required for the subsidies and agricultural loans, the should be registered in many offices. There are many obstacles in those process.

The farmers should register both in local and center level due to which they should pay double taxes.

Because of some effective programs by the government, the youths are engaged in production of chickens and eggs.

Some youths have started professional vegetable farming. Many of them are attracted in domestic animal  rearing.

Still, there are many obstacles , due to which it is not time to get involved in agriculture with full of excitement.

milk on the road, vegetables in dustbin

 The farmers are expressing their aggress throwing their milk on the road in the different places of nations.

Vegetables are being thrown in the dustbin due to the lack management and market.

The vegetables got rotten in the field.

There is no well management for storing the vegetables.

But it’s our misfortune that we are importing vegetables of 7 Arba and rice costing 30 Arba yearly from the Indian market.

We watch and listen the news regarding that farmers are expressing their bitterness by throwing milk on the road in one side, and in another side we hear the news that the common people of Karnali are dying lack of nutritious foods.

But the Government is not able to be effective for the farmers.

By selling the vegetables in lower price, the price got rise by 10 times while reaching to the consumers.

Both the farmers and consumers are facing the problems because of mediators and agents.

Subsistence Agriculture System

 Only the children and age of 60 years old people are active in subsistence agriculture.

Due to which the agriculture sectors is not able to become the sector of independence and profession.

Every farmers from the remote places are in foreign employment and only the female and children are active in farmer and that is also only for livelihood.

The farming sector is based on females and senior citizens.

The government’s policy would become success if we could return the youth from the foreign and make them engaged farming.

To become independent nation, it is important to make village, city , local level, people , districts and state should be independent first.

There should be reasonable price for the agriculture products and production of resources required for agriculture. The policy to promote the local products and to de-promote international product should be applied.

Businessman of respective Districts, Consumers hotel, Different Programs, Consumers Committee and there should be the discussion to manage the proper markets for agriculture productions.

Effective agriculture collection center at local level and in districts , Grading and Packing center should be established.

The agricultural products should be available in markets only after proper grading and packaging and then only consumers can buy the local products without any hesitation.

Many countries have become success only by linking the production, research and agriculture industries.

Proper agricultural policy and efficient budgets are required for the farmers with the government. Plans to get success and proper implementations are also equally important for the agriculture management.

The policies for the agriculture used to be very effective in nature but it fails in the process of implementation.

So it is hard to become success.

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