Employees to be relieved of work for failure to abide by direction: Minister Pandit


Biratnagar –Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration, Lalbabu Pandit, has clarified that Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for employees has been cancelled for the time being in view of more employees needed under the federal setup.

Talking to media-persons at Biratnagar Airport today, Minister Pandit clarified that the VRS cancellation means make up for lack of sufficient number of employees the local levels are facing at present.

He said the Ministry has sent letter to all respective offices asking them to stop their employees from leaving to work in other offices or face action. It is in the wake of employees reluctant in general to serve at local levels as assigned by the government.

Saying employees have been urged time and again to serve at local levels as assigned by the government, Minister Pandit warned that the employees, who do not abide by the government direction, would be given a permanent exit. – RSS