Four killed in a single day in Hetauda

Tukhabar Correspondent
March 4th, 2021

Makawanpur: – Four people have died in different incidents in Makawanpur on Wednesday. One person drowned in a water source, one died in a road accident and two others committed suicide in the district on Wednesday, said Amar Gajmer, a police inspector at the District Police Office, Makawanpur.

According to him, Badrilal Waiba, 34, of Bakaiya Gaupalika-9 of Makawanpur had drowned in a drinking water source. He was found drowning in Harkapur-based drinking water source about 2 km from his house. He was already suffering from chronic disease.

Similarly, one person was killed and two others were injured in a tractor accident in Bakaiya. The deceased has been identified as Dilson Majhi, 13, of Hetauda-17. On Wednesday, he was carrying cement from Hetauda. Dilsan Majhi was killed when the tractor (No. 4535 loosed balance and met with an accident at Tintale of Bakaiya-5. The injured have been identified as Sunil Majhi of Hetauda-17 and Yogendra Majhi, 58, of Bhirkot.

Similarly, two people committed suicide in the district on Wednesday. The deceased have been identified as Ram Krishna Balami, 50, of Hatiya, Hetauda-16 and Anisha Pahari, 25, of Bagmati Gaupalika-2, according to the District Police Office, Makawanpur.

According to the Makawanpur police, Ram Krishna Balami committed suicide by trapping himself in a tree near his house while Anisha Pahari of Bagmati committed suicide in her balcony of her room.

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