Both sides appealing with Congress

Tukhabar Correspondent
December 28th, 2020

Makawanpur: – After the CPN leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal- Madhav Kumar Nepal Nepal group filed a no-confidence motion against CM Dormani Paudel in the State Assembly, the parties are engaged in an internal exercise for a new balance of power in Bagmati State.

Paudel has been holding informal talk with the NC to retain power. The Dahal-Nepal faction of the State CPN has also urged the Congress to cooperate with them to form a new government. The Congress has 22 votes in the 110-member state assembly. There are 34 votes in favor of CM Paudel whereas 45 MP have signed a no-confidence motion against the CM. Paudel requires 22 more votes to sustain in the State government. Even the Dahal-Nepal faction, which claims to have 46 votes, will not have a majority without the support of the NC to for a new government.

CM Paudel had returned to Hetauda from Kathmandu overnight after a no-confidence motion was filed against him in the state assembly on Friday. After discussing the no-confidence motion with his close and speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha, he returned to Kathmandu on Sunday Morning to meet Congress parliamentary party leader Indra Bahadur Baniya.

“The CM is conducting an internal exercise on the balance of power and how to decide the way forward,” said an MP Close to him. “We are consulting not only with the Congress but also with smaller party.”A dialogue has also taken place between the CM and State Chief Vishnu Prasai” he said.

There are 3 members of ‘Bibekshil Sajha Party’, two members of RPP and 2 of ‘Nepal Mazdur Kisan’ Party and One independent MP in the state assembly. Chief Whip of the CPN Keshav Raj Pandey said that the issue of forming a new government and other proposals would be decided by the state assembly. The budget session of the state assembly ended on Shrawan-6 and on this basis, the state assembly meeting has to be called by Magh-5.

Shalikram Jammakattel, the proponent of the No-confidence motion, claimed that the Congress would cooperate with them. “We are now a big party in the state assembly. There is a growing trend of adding MPs to our side” he said. He reiterated that informal dialogue has been held with the NC and it looks positive. “Ashtalakshmi Shakya will be the CM we have proposed”, He said.

Congress parliamentary party secretary Nima Lama said the two sides were urging for cooperative to form a government. “Both sides are holding consultations and dialogue to form a government” He said.

But according to the current situation, it is similar condition in every States politically. Therefore, we will now decided with the central level party and their coordination, He added that the NC would decide whether to join the government or not according to the discussion of both the parties and the political events in the country. There is news in Today’s ‘Kantipur Daily’.

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