South Korea to take 52 thousand workers from third countries in 2021

National News Agency, Nepal
December 25th, 2020

South Korea will take 52 thousand workers from various 16 countries, including Nepal, in 2021. It has been said. A meeting of the South Korea Government’s Migrant Workers Quota Determination Committee made this decision here on Wednesday.

The committee fixed 52 thousand as the quota for taking migrant workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS) for 2021. This quota is less by 4,000 than the quota allocated last year. Thirty thousand 909 migrant workers among the quota of migrant workers for 2020 have not been able to return to Korea for work due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Out of the quota of 52 thousand migrant workers fixed for 2021, thirty-seven thousand 700 will be taken in the production sector, six thousand 400 will be employed in the agriculture sector, 3,000 in the fisheries sector, one thousand 800 will be taken in the construction sector and 100 workers will be employed in the service (collection and segregation of scrap) sector.

Forty thousand migrant workers from this quota would be newcomers while 12 thousand would be committed (committed re-entry) migrant workers. The Committee said employment permit would be issued to 22 thousand workers until April next year.

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