The story of Alis Tamang of Hetauda-22 years passed in Aryaghat

Tukhabar Correspondent
November 28th, 2020

Makawanpur. Alis Tamang, who has been living in PashupatiAryaghat of Kathmandu for 22 years, has obtained Citizenship. The District Administration Office, Makawanpur, granted citizenship to Alis on Thursday.

Alis has obtained citizenship due to the initiative of various organizations and the activism of Sabin Neupane, Chairperson of Hetauda Sub-metropolitan Wada No.1. After receiving the citizenship, Alis was happy and thanked all the supporters.

22 years of life spent in Aryaghat

 Alis Tamang and his brother had been living in the Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu with their father Dhwaj Bahadur Tamang and mother Sangeeta Tamang. When he was young, his father died in 2066 BS and his mother in 2068 BS.

Helpless after the death of her parents, Alis was busy searching for money in Aryaghat, searching for gold, silver and clothes, the precious metals that were spilled at the funeral. Sometimes he helped pick up old plastics bottles, pick of materials and burn corpses at Aryaghat. He spent 22 years in these activities.

He has bitter experience of spending a cold night in the open sky, shivering with hunger and cold. He vividly remembers being insulted by saying obscene words and hating them saying’KHATE’. Documentaries have been made about his activities and condition at different times. But in the meantime no one has taken the initiative to rescue him, he recalls. His brother is living in Pashupati in the form of ‘Aghori Baba’.

‘ I never imagined i would get this far’

 Alis, who spent most of his life as a street child, never imagined that he would become a citizen. Now he had the enthusiasm and vigor to do something in life.

About three months ago, a resident of Makawanpur, a representative of an organization called ‘SathSath’, met Alis. She asked for help from an organization called ‘Mamaghar Nepal’, which is working in the field of street children in Hetauda, to grant citizenship to Alis.

Arpan Parajuli, the founding patron of Mama Ghar and Namrata obsessed with the plan to grant citizenship. Chairman of Hetauda Sub-metropolitan Wada No.1 Sabin Neupane also showed activism for this. His birthplace is Basamadi in Hetauda. Alis’s uncle was found due to the activism of the Wada president. The death of the father and mother was registered, Alis’s birth certificate was made and finally he got citizenship.

‘Mama Ghar will provide skills and training’

  Mama Ghar Nepal is going to teach and provide skill and training to the Alis. Mama Ghar Nepal has said that they will keep Alis as a volunteer and make him qualified by teaching business skills. He is greatful to the Mam Ghar for giving him the opportunity to teach along with protection and to serve the children like himself.

RajuAdhikari, who has been taking shelter in Mama Ghar Nepal for a long time, has also got citizenship. He is now known as a national level hockey player.

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